Events & Activities

The College of St Crispin, as part of the SCA, engages in activities and material culture based on an understanding of pre-17th century Europe and peripheral cultures to that.

As part of that, we have weekly gatherings to learn and develop skills and create tools, garb and other items; as well as larger events where we engage in a culture of the present middle ages and fantastic activities based in that.

Regular Gatherings:

St Crispin Weekly Gathering

6pm-9pm Tuesdays, GP218 (Callaghan Campus)
The College hosts a weekly gathering in the General Purpose Building where we work on personal projects (such as tools, armour and garb), and group projects (such as banners and war tabards).
We also have an Arts and Sciences Class/Activity Schedule where each week someone runs an item (usually a half hour to 1.5 hours in length) on a craft, activity, or field of study. For more info, please go to the A&S Schedule Page.
Previously due to the time slot, we also ran a coordinated dinner effort each week. We are hoping to revive this once again! Crispy Dinners is an opportunity for everyone to pool their resources for an affordable feed, learn and develop skills in cooking, medieval or otherwise, and serve their fellow Collegians and co. For more info, please go to the Crispy Dinners Page.
Everyone is welcome at the St Crispin Weekly Gathering, so please come along. However, if you would like to continue to attend, please consider signing up to join the College here.

For updates regarding St Crispin Weekly Gathering, communications generally happen over on the College of St Crispin Facebook Group.

Mordenvale Weekly Gathering

2pm-6pm Sundays (fortnightly), Charlestown South Public School
The Barony of Mordenvale, the College’s administrative parent, gathers every second Sunday afternoon at Charlestown South Public School.
All manner of activities take place at Mordenvale’s gatherings, varying from armoured combat practice, renaissance rapier fencing, archery, dancing, games, and much more.
You can find more information on the Mordenvale website.

For updates regarding Mordenvale Weekly Gathering, communications generally happen over on the Mordenvale Facebook Group.

Midweek Combat Training and Fighter Practice

7pm-9pm Wednesdays, The Rookery, 5 Friesian Cl, Sandgate. 
Join the fun and pick a fight with fellow Crispies and Mordenvalians every Wednesday at Midweek Fighter Practice! It’s an opportunity to pick up a sword, shield, or spear and thrust, parry, and lunge your way into one of our most engaging activities! All fighters welcome, whether a shining knight, vicious viking, or Roman legionnaire. Come fight, and bring a friend.


The College of St Crispin takes part in many events throughout the year.

Rhythm and Brews

February, Scout Camp Kariong
Rhythm & Brews is, as the name suggests, an event all about entertainment and the art of brewing.
The event always has a brewing competition and an entertainment competition, as well as a lavish feast.
There is generally also a tournament of heavy armoured combat and renaissance rapier fencing.
More information can be found over at the Facebook Event Page.

Newcomers Feast and Tournament

March, St Crispin (University of Newcastle)

The Newcomers Feast and Tournament is an event hosted every year shortly following O Week to give newcomers a taste of the SCA experience.
Many folks tend from around tend to attend to share games, talk about what we do, fight, and share activities that we engage in (there’s usually some dancing after the feast).

Rowany Festival

Easter, Rowany (Sydney Area)

Inter-College War

Midyear Break, Lochac (Australia)

Tocal Token Tourney and Midwinter Feast – Mordenvale

July, Mordenvale (Greater Hunter)

Baronesses Birthday Bash

August, Mordenvale (Greater Hunter)

Spring War

Labour Day Long Weekend, Mordenvale (Greater Hunter)

Saint Crispin’s Day

Late October, St Crispin (University of Newcastle)