Rhythm and Brews ASLVII

Fri 17th – Sun 19th February 2023

The Hamlet, 105 Schofield Rd, Wyee, NSW (Please see instructions below for getting to site*)

The College of Saint Crispin invites the bards and brewers of Lochac to attend once more upon the traditions of Arts and Sciences in Mordenvale as we celebrate Rhythm and Brews. Join us for this 3-day event in which we celebrate the spirit of festivity with inspiration from Bacchanalia of old. The event will feature Rose tournaments of Armoured Combat and Renaissance Rapier Fencing, in which victors will distribute floral favours to the populace; the traditional competitions of brews (alcoholic and non-alcoholic categories) and rhythm will see victors honoured with prizes; and upon the eve of Saturday we shall celebrate and honour those nobles with a lavish Roman feast fit for Apicius, before revelling into the night.


We’re still finalising the bookings form. Please follow our FB Event page for updates or check back at this webpage in a few days

Pricing Schedule

Early Bird (Before 6th January)

Full EventFull DayFeast OnlyFull Event Offboard
Adult (16+)$100$50$40$70
UoN Student$90$40$25$50
Child 8-16$90$40$25$50
Child <8yo$40$20$15$30

Prices will rise by $10 once on the 6th of January and then again on the 3rd of February

Standard (Before 3rd February)

Full EventFull DayFeast OnlyFull Event Offboard
Adult (16+)$110$60$40$80
UoN Student$100$50$35$60
Child 8-16$100$50$35$60
Child <8yo$50$30$20$30

Last-Minute (After 3rd February)

Full EventFull DayFeast OnlyFull Event Offboard
Adult (16+)$120$70$50$90
UoN Student$110$60$45$70
Child 8-16$110$60$45$70
Child <8yo$60$40$30$30


*Currently being drafted*

Getting to Site

We are very excited to be using this new (to us) site with so many exciting facilities! Unfortunately, it is a little bit complicated to get to.

*Currently writing detailed instructions*


The event is camping only. There is no other accomodation available on-site. If you have a battery-powered medical device that requires charging, we will have a generator on-site to operate some kitchen equipment, so we will be able to charge your battery. If for any reason you cannot camp, there are hotels and motels in nearby Morisset and other nearby towns.


For any enquiries, please contact the Event Steward, Bjorn Bassason, at rhythmandbrews2023@gmail.com